Friday, April 4, 2014


I type this with a bit of a heavy heart. The tragedy at Fort Hood is in my mind and I wish I can do something to help the community, so I'm going to keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Military families are constantly in my thoughts and prayers though. It goes with the territory, especially as a military spouse - and it actually started with me at birth at Shaw AFB, where I was born.

Everyone I've encountered here at Fort Belvoir have been so welcoming and kind. It's made me really appreciate the community I've just entered and excited to meet more people. They have made it easy for me to integrate to military life, especially missing NYC so much.

When I attended my husband's welcome briefing, we were actually the couple that has been married the least amount of time (even counting the first time we got married a year prior!). We won two tickets to see a movie at the post theater! That goes to show that spouses should attend welcome briefings because they only counted the people that brought their spouses. :)

I really wanted to go, so that way I can learn about what the post offers. It was very beneficial to me and I'm excited to try out everything I've learned!

I can't believe it's been almost three months since I've moved out of NYC. I'm still in shock (believe it or not) that I'm living under the same roof as my husband. It's like a dream that I see him every day, at least for now. He's already got a two-month TDY coming up at the end of this summer, but till then, I'm going to enjoy our time together. Two months to me is nothing after his yearlong tour....

Anyway, I've been delaying a bit on exploring the area and the post offerings. We've finally got things set-up at our apartment and I've put together a good work schedule for myself! I'm excited for the future!

We're hoping to explore D.C. a bit this weekend to see the Cherry Blossoms. Hopefully they'll be bloomed! Oh, on another exciting note, the wedding photos are ready! I'm just waiting for the disc to arrive via snail mail. The electronic copies are ready, but I can't save them without buying. We're already entitled to them all, so I'm just going to save them when we get it in...I'm SOOOO excited!

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  1. Ohhhh Joe and I are hoping to make it up to DC to see the cherry blossoms as well! I've never been to DC anyways so even if we miss them it will be a good time nonetheless.

  2. I was the only spouse at Kyle's welcome briefing at Bliss. It makes me sad that more spouses don't want to be involved. Good for you for going! :)

  3. Exciting happenings for you both! Congrats on the win but more so that you are finally together!


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