Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Nature Trails at Fort Belvoir -- Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge

My husband and I love to be outside. One of the reasons we enjoyed Fort Drum so much is because of the great trails. I mentioned it in my post about Fort Drum here.

Luckily, Fort Belvoir has countless trails at our disposal too! Last weekend, around our Easter celebrations, we decided to check out the trail that is right at the installation entrance. Going in and out of the post, we've noticed cars parked there and thought it would be worth our time. It's only five minutes away from our house...besides, I really needed the walk after our Easter brunch buffet!

The trail we found is called the Pohick Loop Trail. It's part of a bigger trail collection called the Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge, which is mentioned in the map here. We walked through Pohick Loop Trail -- and part of the Beaver Pond and Wetland Trails. Then, we decided to go to the entrance that is on-post to investigate the Basin Trail.

The cool thing about the trails is that they have little educational tidbits along the trail. What kind of wildlife is in the area? What trees live there? What do the watering areas mean to the wildlife? Etc.

It just made me so excited for warmer weather! It's nice out, but it's still a bit chilly. We're also excited to venture to new parts of Virginia for some camping!

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  1. There are loads of great places to hike around here. It's nice to escape from the never ending crush of humanity, haha.


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