Friday, April 18, 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling Twenty Two!

TGIF everyone! Once again, I'm super excited for the weekend!

Since leaving NYC, I've been working from a home office -- doing completely new and exciting things for my career development! I'm working with amazing people that have just motivated me even more in my decision to work remotely -- and even better, I've been meeting and partnering with more and more military spouses. It's awesome!

Read more about my decision to work remotely here. I also share a photo of my office in that piece! :)

It's weird what I do miss about working in an office. I miss the commute on the subway. In that 30 minutes each way, I'm able to just drown out the world and stare off into space. It's almost like my time of meditation -- and at the moments when subway performers would attention would go to them. Like this one time a magician came...

Anyway, I also miss the live human interaction. It really does help that I keep connected with people online though, so that is easily remedied. In addition, I have an awesome co-worker now...aka Xena...
...who sometimes sleeps on the job...but I forgive her.

The thing I ABSOLUTELY love about working from home is the ability to listen to music. I know, it's
crazy. It's not that I couldn't listen to music at my old job, per say, but nobody else did, so it just felt weird to do it. In my home office, I can put it on speakers and it doesn't bother anybody. Xena doesn't mind. Music is a positive influence for me. For people that don't know, I was a music minor in school. I played the violin for years (still do, more of a hobby now).

I'm going to go back to the title of my post. The theme song of the day is Taylor Swift's 22. :) Maybe I was feeling nostalgic as I was working today? The song came on my Spotify radio station -- and I couldn't help but break into song. I think it also goes back to my friend's visit last weekend. They were my college friends that I've still remained close to -- and were bridesmaids and sponsors to my wedding.

I also couldn't help but thing about my thoughts at 22 -- I never in my wildest dreams imagined myself here, in Virginia, a soldier!

Cheer's to the weekend everybody!

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