Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mount Vernon & Cherry Blossoms!

Remember the bucket list of D.C. area things? Thanks to last weekend two things are scratched off the list!

Also, it worked out that very close friends from Pennsylvania were visiting their cousin that lived in Arlington, so we were able to meet up throughout the weekend!

On Saturday, we went to Mount Vernon, George Washington's Estate (bucket list item number one of the weekend). Our friends already had tickets and we thought it would be an excellent time to visit the place too! Mount Vernon is literally less than ten minutes away from our apartment. It's nice to finally make our way there, especially when we see all the signs everywhere directing people to the monument. It's amazing that such a HUGE public figure's home is still preserved. This dude was the first President of the United States!

The property is BEAUTIFUL! It's right off the Potomac River and has great views -- almost unbelievable that it's so close to home! Aside from the historical element with the museum, the area had the Mount Vernon Trail, which we found out is a scenic trail that lines the Potomac River. It starts at Mount Vernon and we noticed another entrance by Arlington National Cemetery. We added biking or running the trail on our bucket list!

The next day was said to be the last day of full bloom for the Cherry Blossoms -- and I HAD to see it. We met up with our friends again at the National Mall and just walked down taking pictures. The weather was so delightful and we had a great time.

I was so happy to see my friends too! All in all a successful weekend! :)

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  1. I really do hope we get to live in the DC area sometime! So much fun history!


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