Wednesday, April 30, 2014

While the Husband is Away

Monday night was the first night I've spent alone since my husband got back from Korea. I feel pretty lucky that we've spent about three months together without any interruption. It still didn't make it easy to sleep that night. It also didn't help that I had a restless kitty rolling around on my bed.

My husband would spend time playing with her every night -- to drain her energy. She's pretty crazy and I can't seem to play with her as rigorously as my husband. It certainly showed when she was all over the place.

Anyway, with my husband away, I'm able to do a lot of personal work. I've been putting together a professional website that showcases the things I've done and am doing...this is allowing me to practice my design and WordPress skills.

Besides that, I'm able to fulfill my Harry Potter craving. Gotta love binge watching one of your favorite series!

I'm also spending a lot of time thinking about my 28th birthday, which is this Saturday. Luckily, my husband is coming back from the field on Friday. Sadly, he has to go right back out after the weekend for TDY in Southern Virginia for two weeks (bummer!). It still gives us time to celebrate (or pretend celebrate) my birthday.

I'm still deciding on what to do...just thinking about a nice dinner -- and maybe a Potomac River cruise? I've been checking the pricing and it's really not that bad. We'll see!

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  1. There are loads of places to check out for your birthday! If you haven't been to Old Town Alexandria, it's pretty cool.

  2. Yes, when my husband is gone I like being able to watch what I want on TV. And spread out on the bed, of course.

  3. It's nice sometimes when they are gone.


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