Thursday, May 16, 2013

Speedy Magiti Tringali #tbt

When we moved to Texas, my family knew we were going to stay awhile.  I was a military child and also an only child.  I often got lonely, so my parents decided to adopt a furry friend...his name was Speedy.

I got him when he was under a year old and I was around 7 years old.  He became my best friend.  I used to joke that Speedy was tied with my dad on being the number one man in my life.  He was protective, loving, adorable and the best darn cat anybody could ever have.

There was an irony to his name because when you looked at him, you wouldn't think he was fast.  He weighed nearly 20 pounds.  Sometimes I wonder how his health lasted so long with him being so heavy!  I like to think it's because he was surrounding by lots of love.

This week's throw back Thursday is dedicated to my awesome childhood cat Speedy Magiti Tringali!

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