Monday, May 20, 2013

Eight Months Till We Say "I Do" - Again!

About eight months from now, my soldier and I will get married again in my childhood church in front of our family and friends.  I'm SO excited.

When we got married last December, it was sort of planned quickly and it was pretty impossible to wrangle up all the people that I want to witness it in such a short amount of time.  Because I moved from Texas to New York, I've met so many special people along the way.  Also, my family is scattered all over.  I'm just looking forward to actually celebrate our marriage too!

I've been really bad about planning it though.  With my soldier on the other side of the world, he hasn't been able to really give me much help.  I need to just take the reigns and get things into gear.  Luckily, we've already set a date and reserved the church and reception site.

I LOVE pinterest.  Before I got engaged (and now married), I used the platform to keep recipes, fashion styles, ideas, etc. that I thought would be beneficial to me.  Now, I'm using it to put together a concept board for my dream wedding.

I'm not looking to go overboard.  The hubs and I are keeping the guest list under 100 - and it will all be DIY.  Overall, it's going to be relatively casual for a wedding.  I'm from Texas, so my maids will be wearing cowboy boots for the ceremony and whatever green dress their heart desires.  I guess I'm really envisioning a delicate, rustic, fun and colorful wedding.

Here are some of my top pins so far:

Check out more of my pins here:!  Thanks!

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  1. I love these pins! :) I would love to have a big wedding one day...maybe on our 10 year anniversary.


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