Thursday, May 30, 2013

Madison Square Park Eats!

There is no question that I love NYC.

It's also quite obvious I love my job!

Not only do I enjoy what I do, I happen to work in a pretty awesome area of NYC.  My office is about a block away from Madison Square Park.  A very cute like park oasis in the middle of a plethora of office skyscrapers.

Twice a year for about a month, the park puts together "Madison Square Park Eats."  It's when a bunch of delicious vendors come together and provide tasty food to the people.  They block off a corner of the park where people can gather, eat their food, drink and be merry!  I usually just swoop in during my lunch break and take my food to-go!

I typically bring my lunch to work because I find it way to expensive to eat out all the time, but every once in a while I splurge and eat food from different places around where I work.  With the spring opening of Madison Square Park Eats ending tomorrow, I decided to run over and grab lunch.  I've already done so twice this month.  After looking at all the different food available, I thought I would give "Seoul Lee Korean Barbeque" a try.  My thought process...oh, my soldier is in Korea, I love all food, and the line is pretty, it has to be good!

It was oh so good!

I was overcome with food euphoria - and I didn't want it to end.  I was so upset to find out that they actually don't have a brick and mortar restaurant open yet!  There is NO way for me to get more yummy Korean tacos....

According to their Facebook page, they are working on opening up a restaurant - and for my sake, I hope it's sooner than later!  They will be back in the Fall opening of Madison Square Park Eats, but I don't know if I can wait that long!!

I was able to try out food from two other vendors: AsiaDog and Red Hook Lobster Pound.  AsiaDog takes the traditional American hotdog and adds Asian condiments to it.  I'm loving all these adaptations to Asian cuisine!  Seoul Lee Korean Barbeque takes Korean dishes and adds some Mexican influence. 

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Seoul Lee opens their restaurant soon - or else, I'll have to wait till the fall to have my delicious Korean tacos!

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