Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cruise Attire

I had a lot of time to myself this past weekend.  I would have typically spent Memorial Day with the soldier, but because he's overseas, I thought I would spoil myself a bit.  I needed formal attire for the two formal dinner nights on our cruise.  Sadly, I don't have anything that would fit the bill, unless I refer to old prom dresses.  So, I needed to get something that would work...and for cheap!  Evening wear can get pricey!  After shopping around in store and online, I found a couple of outfits that I'm believe are formal enough.

My steal of a deal happened with my amazing Rachel Roy dress from Macy's!  It was originally priced at $119 - and I paid only $47.60 - not bad for a designer dress.  I saved more than $70 on the retail cost  because of all the sales and the "Got Your Six" coupon I got for donating to the charity!  Now, I bought this dress "just because!"


I'm looking forward to actually wearing all my new stuff in a month or so!  I might actually wear my Rachel Roy dress sometime soon's too cute!

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  1. Love!!!! :) That Calvin Klein dress is amazing.


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