Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Deals/Discounts

Tomorrow, I'll be thinking about those men and women that have sacrificed their lives for the benefit of our country.  It's nice that we get a national holiday to reflect and to also spend the day with our friends and family to celebrate life (or on our own).

So far, I've spent this weekend by myself.  I met up with a friend to go to Zumba, but besides that, I pretty much walked around the city shopping.  I thought because I have this time to myself, I would check out some stores to get ready for my upcoming cruise.  I need to get a couple of evening dresses - and just some other summer-y stuff that I could wear on the ship.

I found out that Forever 21 is offering 15% off to military members - really anyone that has a military ID issued to them.  I actually bought a whole bunch of stuff at the store yesterday and when I went online, I saw a note at the top left that mentioned the discount.  Nobody told me about the sale at the store, so I called and asked if I could get it applied to my purchase.  Forever 21 doesn't offer any money back - only store credit.  I took it anyway because I shop at the store all the time.   I actually used the store credit today and got another cute top.  The sale ends tomorrow!

Also, Macy's is having lots of amazing sales.  If you are feeling adventurous, check out the store for some awesome deals.  When I went in to shop, I found out about the Macy's + Got You 6 program. 
From the website: "To honor & empower American veterans, Macy’s has teamed up with Got Your 6 in the hopes of raising up to $3 million for veterans and military families throughout the American Icons campaign. Got Your 6 will be present in almost every Macy’s store across the nation, as well as online and in their mail catalogs, spreading the Got Your 6 message and changing the conversation."
I thought it was pretty cool, so I donated!

I'm sure there are a whole bunch more sales/discounts going on this weekend!  How are you spending Memorial Day?

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