Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's almost baseball season!

For as long as I remember, I've been a Yankee fan.  It's an obsession that has been passed down to me by my dad.  I can't help it because it's all I've known.  I spent a great deal of time in Texas in my childhood and even so, I maintained my love for the Yankees.  I never spent any time living in New York before now.  My dad was actually born and raised in the New York area and that's why he's such a huge fan.  Even after joining the Air Force and traveling all over the world, he's kept the Yankees close and made sure his family became fans.

Growing up, my family would visit New York a lot because of my dad's connection.  That's really when I fell in love with New York City and became determined to live here.  Others speculate that the reason I moved to New York is just to be near the Yankees, but that isn't entirely true....

Anyway, Opening Day is April 1st.  I'm beyond excited to start another season and follow my team.  The irony of everything is that I married a man from Boston.  Lucky for me, he doesn't follow team sports as much as I do, but if he did, he would be a Red Sox fan.  There is a long standing rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox and sometimes, I don't know what I got myself into married a Bostonian.  My husband has said multiple times that he would NEVER wear anything Yankee-related because his grandmother would turn in her grave.  I'm ok with it though.  The share the Yankee love with my parents.

Go Yankees!

 With my parents at a baseball game last season.
My dad and I- this photo was taken in 1986 when my mom and I visited him in Korea.

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