Saturday, March 9, 2013

Be Adventurous!

Thanks to another great milspouse friend, I found out about this fantastic online destination for milspouses!  It's called NextGen MilSpouse.  They cover pertinent topics and interesting stories that are relatable to milspouses on their site.  I thought it would be good to follow them along.  I am also a fan of them on Facebook - and that's when I noticed this post from their page:

Naturally, I jumped at the chance because I just wrote about my soldier and I's plans on getting ourselves to Bermuda this summer.  The theme of the month is "Be Adventurous."  Well, that's exactly what my soldier and I LOVE to do - to be adventurous!  Today, I hopped on Facebook and saw that they posted their first ever "Blog Blotter."  I went over to their website to see that my blog - The Professional Army Wife - is featured under the subheader, "More Adventurous MilSpouse Encounters are Just a Click Away."  I am very honored that the site mentioned me and my new blog.

It's also got me thinking of all the other adventurous things my soldier and I have done in the past.  I did a little roundup of the things we used to do when he was stationed at Fort Drum.  Over the next couple weeks, I'll share the road trip experience I had moving my soldier from New York to Arizona.  Then, I'll talk about my two trips to Arizona last year.  The first trip is our journey through Northern Arizona and the second we stayed near Fort Huachuca in Southern Arizona.  We were able to do and see amazing things.  Anyway, if you haven't checked out NextGen MilSpouse, you should check it out!

Here is their website URL:
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Happy Saturday!!

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