Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Valentine's Day Surprise

I intended to have a pretty mellow Valentine's Day.  With my soldier away, I didn't really plan anything.  I was just going to go home and hang out with my room mates - order Chinese and have a nice quiet night.

I actually shared some great tips here to do something for yourself on Valentine's Day that can definitely be used anytime!

Anyway, I went into work just like any other typical day.  Then, our FedEx guy came in with a fragile box labeled "flowers" for me.  I instantly got knots in my stomach because I figured they would be from my soldier.  I was eager to open it up and see the note to see who it was from.  I was right, they were from my soldier.

The dozen roses looked beautiful and the note he wrote was so eloquently written.  At first, I thought that he didn't write it!  I was also shocked that he sent my flowers.  We've actually had conversations where he admitted that he thinks flowers weren't actually a proper gift because they die so quickly (I know, not really something women like to hear).  I never thought anything of it though, because I'm not really great at keeping plants alive.  Also, in the course of our relationship, he's never given me flowers - I just got used to it.

The note is what touched me the most.  The message made me fall in love with him all over again.  It was short and sweet - and the exact words I needed to hear with him thousands of miles away in the complete other side of the world.  I've been having a lot of trouble dealing with the distance.  I can't blame anybody or anything.  I know it's not my soldier's fault and my love for him is strong enough to overcome my feelings of loneliness.  The note was a welcomed reminder of how my soldier feels about me. 

My Valentine's Day did actually go as I planned though, just with an added surprise.  I brought the flowers back home and prepared them in the vase.  I ordered Chinese and turned on the TV.  That's how I spent the rest of my night. 


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