Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things are looking up!


I just got my husband's LES statement - and everything seems to be squared away!  I won't breathe a full sigh of relief quite yet.  I'm going to wait till everything gets into his bank account before I start jumping up and down.  It's a good sign that the correct rate is showing up on his LES.

Things are slowly but surely looking up for us.  From the start of our marriage, it seemed like whatever could go wrong did go wrong, in regards to getting things together before he left for Korea.  Then, when we a problem arose with our BAH, I've almost had it!  It can get very stressful waiting on paperwork and other instructions I also feel like things got lost in translation.  That was the problem when we first got married.  My husband didn't know the deal, so he wasn't exactly clear on what to do and a lot of other stuff was happening at the same time.  I had my mind set on traveling to Texas and all the details on our civil ceremony.  Little did I know, that my soldier was getting a little overwhelmed himself - and didn't quite do all the active research to get my entered into DEERS and other stuff.

I wanted to pass along my story on advice I wish I had before I got married, which I wrote for MilPages.  This link will take you there.  Between all our troubles with getting me into DEERS (what the MilPages story talks about) to the BAH problem, I'm learning that you can never really prepare for what happens in Army life.  What you have to do is prepare yourself to the surprises that comes your way.  I'm going to have countless more Army surprises and I have to rise up from the setbacks.  My soldier and I are in this together.  I'm also going to have to realize it's not his fault all the time.  :-)

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