Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Sequestration

Sometimes I wish I lived under a rock.  All over the news I've been hearing about the Sequestration going into effect very soon (March 1 to be exact), if we don't resolve our issues.  Of course, it's a huge disappointment that it might result in such a drastic decision.  Well, this actually isn't the first time something like this was brought to our attention.  In 2011, we had a debt ceiling standoff and earlier this year we had the "fiscal cliff."  Our government has created a series of "save our butt" moves, just in case things just get really bad with our national spending.  Fast forward to now, it looks like the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 is actually going to come to fruition.  To a political layman like myself, I don't exact understand all the behind the scenes policy mumbojumbo.  I'm only educating myself to the best of my ability and I'm realizing that it's worrying a lot of people, especially the military community.

The story on CNN called, CNN Explains: Sequestration helped me get a grasp on all the craziness and this story today on ABC News called, Sequester Timeline: When Will the Cuts Be Felt?

After reading the latter article, I thought I should be a little prudent on my blog.  This is something that is on my mind because it can possibly effect my husband's future.  Not only am I seeing general stories on the overall effects, I'm reading things about all changes that will happen in the defense budget.  This story on CNN perfectly outlines the concern: Military pay in play in game of political poker.

Also, if you're active on social media in all the milspouse pages, etc. you probably came across Bianca Strazalkowski's An Open Letter to Congress on The Huffington Post.  I believe it speaks for all milspouses and those that care for someone that is serving our country.  Now that it seems like a sequester is in our future, we can only brace ourselves for what will happen. 

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