Saturday, February 16, 2013

How I'm Keeping Busy

When I became a military spouse, I made it a priority to research and become as involved in the community as much as possible.  It's a bit more of a challenge for me because I'm learning the ins and outs from off-post away from everything.  My husband left for Korea shortly after we got married and I stayed in New York while waiting for him to complete his tour.

I turned to the internet to find Army spouse communities.  I was very excited to find lots of amazing men and women involved and eager to share their experiences.  It was very inspirational and that's when I knew I wanted to contribute my time to share my story.  When I came across the Army Wife Network, I realized that they offered a ton of valuable information for Army spouses.  I spent a lot of time navigating through their website and found their blog, Loving a Soldier.  I went through and read lots of the posts and got inspired.  These women are amazing and reading through their stories made me want to share my story.  I reached out to the blog organizers and told them that it would be an honor to write for them.  It was such a great surprise when they got back to me and said yes!  If you're an Army spouse, you really should have Army Wife Network on your favorites list.  There is a wealth of great stuff on there - and don't forget to check out their blog to read some great stories.

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During my extensive time researching through military spouse websites, I found another one called Successful Military Wife.  It's a fantastic website for the career-minded military spouse.  I started following the website's Facebook page and an opportunity popped up for freelance writers for a military-focused website.  They were looking for military spouses to write for their fairly new Spouses section on the site.  After looking at and reviewing through their website, I realized that it was the perfect fit for me.  My aim is to share what I learn as I'm going through military life as a spouse.  I'm hoping to empower and education the spouses that read the section.  Also, it's great to be a part of the diverse MilPages team!

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I'm VERY exciting to be spending my time contributing to those two sites as well as my own blog.  With my soldier in Korea, this is perfect to occupy my time.  When he gets back, I'm even more excited to continue sharing my story where ever we end up. :-)


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