Friday, February 22, 2013

How I Met Martha Stewart

Yes, my husband and I are legally married.  We got married just a a couple weeks before he was shipped off overseas.  It was mostly to make sure I am properly taken care of while he's away - and because I'm working full-time here in the city - it's an opportunity to save up for our future together too.  I have every intention to plan my "dream wedding."  I actually don't want anything huge, just to get married in my childhood church and have a reception with music and dancing.  We are currently planning that "dream wedding" and our date is set for when he gets back!

I've been budgeting, booking, brainstorming and planning the wedding with my soldier.  Wedding planning can get a little overwhelming at times.  That's why "bridal showcases" are so popular, because it puts all the necessary vendors in one location.  One of my closest friends brought to my attention the Martha Stewart Wedding Party.  When I read more about it and saw that a ticket was more than a hundred dollars, I told her that it was a bit too much for me.  Also, I'm sure it would feature lots of vendors in the NYC-area and that wouldn't work so much because our wedding will take place in Texas.  My friend took it upon herself and reached out to the event planners, The Wedding Library and shared with them my story anyway. She also passed along my first blog post for Loving a Soldier that explains things in depth more. (Here is the link to the post.)

After all of that, they allowed me to attend with a press pass.  I was truly amazed and got really excited.  Even with a lot of the vendors based in NYC, I was eager to go because I can still get a lot of ideas.  They had expert panelists explaining things further, etc.

With another friend in tote, I went to Gotham Hall in NYC where the event was being held.  We scoured every booth for potential themes, colors and ideas.  It was a fun experience and nice to play a bride.  We spent almost three hours at the event  and saw every booth.  My friend and I just got our coats because we were ready to leave.  That's when we spotted Martha.  My heart skipped a beat and I knew at that moment, I needed to get a picture with her.  I handed my camera to my friend and walked up next to her.  She had a large entourage and several people were vying for her attention, but I was determined.  I was convinced if I just had 30 seconds to explain myself, she would stop for a brief moment.

I was right.  Martha was walking and talking to others around her.  I came up and told her I recently married a soldier and had to sacrifice the formal wedding at first, but now I'm planning one in his absence.  I told her I'm chronicling my journey and would love a picture with her!


Thanks Martha for stopping for a milspouse and to the folks at The Wedding Library for giving me a chance to experience such a great bridal showcase!

Check out highlights from the show here.

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