Sunday, February 24, 2013

Playing the Bride at Oheka Castle!

Last Sunday, my friend and I went to Oheka Castle to participate in their bridal show.  Another friend actually told me about this venue and bridal show awhile back.  I thought it would be good to check it out, especially now that I'm planning a formal wedding for my soldier and I.

I'm so excited because I believe we've got a pretty definite date.  Now that I know our venue, I can start getting my thoughts together on details - i.e. invitations, centerpieces, music, etc.  Although, we aren't having our wedding in New York, the bridal show at Oheka was nice to get ideas, just like the Martha Stewart Wedding Party!  To be honest, everything at Oheka is definitely over budget.  I liked being able to get an opportunity to see how the other side puts together a wedding.  I'm just thrilled to be able to get my friends and family together to celebrate my soldier and I's marriage!  It doesn't matter how much money we spend (of course, we are keeping a tight budget) because I know it will be an amazing day!

Here are some photos that my friend took at the Oheka bridal show.

Driving up to the Castle.

Walking down the hall to see the rooms.  

Sample centerpiece, it was huge!

View from the bridal suite, a nice maze.

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