Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Six Flags Great Adventure!

If you haven't already figured out, I'm a kid at heart. I love to be silly, have fun and goof-off - all in the appropriate time, of course.

Last Sunday, I went to Six Flags Great Adventure with a small group of friends and had a BLAST! When I was younger, my family would get season passes to Six Flags in San Antonio. As a result, you can go to any Six Flags theme park! So, we would go to Over Texas and when it existed, AstroWorld. I love roller coasters and now, nearly 20 years later, I still enjoy them!

To be honest, my body does feel it a bit more nowadays, but I still love the thrill! My friends and I rode as many coasters as we could. In addition, we went on a WILD ANIMAL SAFARI!

Ok ok, it wasn't quite the African safari experience, but we saw lions and tigers and bears! I'm a huge animal lover! It actually almost makes me sad to see these fantastic creatures at an amusement park. We were told that the animals that are in the safari were rescued from far worse circumstances, so I just keep telling myself that they are better there than where ever they were before....

Here are my sneak peak Instagram pictures (via @lilraerae86)!

This guy above is in fact a Rhino and not a Hippo...
Adorable bear cubs playing!

1. It was interesting that some of the animals looked directly at you!
2. Here is a pretty bold Zebra.
3. This kangaroo was right next to the van, but moved so quickly as I was taking his picture!
4. That tiger is "Kingda Ka" - the ride in Six Flags was named after him! Kingda Ka is the world's tallest and second fastest roller-coaster.
5. The giraffes were cool to see! They also had a 3 month-old baby! He was too far away for me to take a picture
6. I did manage to see lots of bear cubs! Here is a momma bear with her baby.
7. I spotted a group of kangaroos later in the safari. They had a few joeys with them too!
8. The lions were uneventful and sleeping for the most part (still awesome to see!).

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  1. How fun! Oh I love Six Flags!

  2. I've been there a ton of times but never to the safari area b/c I really don't like smelling the animals in the heat! Is that one you drive through and the monkeys jump up on the car?

    1. This is the opening season for the new Safari! They have huge vehicles that fit 20 people that drive on the grounds and they do a "formal" tour...it was fun!

  3. The last time I went to the San Antonio Six Flags, they didn't have the animal park. Looks like so much fun!

    1. This was the Six Flags in New Jersey! The one in San Antonio has a decent waterpark that I miss (of course, not as fab as Schlitterbahn)!

  4. Love a trip to the animal park. The animals are so much more fun to observe in the "wild".


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