Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Late Night Work Date


Phew! I just made it home from a work outing and I'm exhausted! (It's only 9pm!) I'm pretty much an old-timer now at 27.

We left the office a bit earlier than usual to head over to Boqueria at their Flatiron location. It's a delicious Tapas Bar and Restaurant. My coworker is getting married next Saturday and all the girls came into town to celebrate. This wasn't purely a work outing! I love getting together to catch-up on life outside of the office. One of my coworkers brought senior portraits of her son and another had pictures of her son as drum major of his high school.

I work with amazing women! They all are great role models and I just hope I do them proud with my work for the firm. Their friendships are also great and I just love getting to know them personally.

After dinner, I walked south to Union Square because once we walked to the restaurant that particular subway station was closer.

I almost fell asleep on the train! So, it pretty much took every ounce of me to blog tonight...haha. It's time for bed now! Good night everyone!

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  1. How I miss tapas!! That sounds like a lovely night out! I miss hanging out with the girls!

  2. I've dozed on the train so many times. I feel like such a moron!

  3. Sounds amazing! Love to read of life in the Big City. I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Here is the link if you'd like to participate:

  4. I love reading about your life in NYC. Our visit there last year was one of my favorite trips. :)


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