Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Biggest Complaint Right Now

For the last month, my office building is doing a huge lobby renovation. It has caused a big disruption because no one is able to use the main elevators. Instead, the whole building has to wait for the freight elevators. Our freight elevators are not electronic, which means a live person needs to be the one to pull a rope that causes the dolly to move the car up and down. The only people that are qualified to do it are the building staff.

It's a big of a pain because they might be off helping another office tenant with a problem, so we have to wait. And because the elevators are all manual, it causes a huge back-up and is extremely slow. In the mornings, the line is out the door to use the elevators! It's so silly because it would take just 15 minutes to use the elevators! If I wasn't on the 11th floor, I might totally be inclined to walk up it everyday.  I actually have been walking down the flights, which is a million times easier than going up!

On a side note, we have been able to take a peek of the lobby. Throughout the month, there were occasion to use it! They are doing some wacky stuff in there. I like to describe the experience like boarding a space ship. There are light coming out of the floors and it's bright in there. Once it's all done, I'll have to share with you how it looks!

Overall, my elevator problem is a ridiculous one to have and I'm just lucky that's the least of my worries. I have some BIG meter moving news to share tomorrow though. It's almost killing me inside!

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  1. In freshman year of college I lived on the 19th floor of my building. I walked those stairs FAR too many times for comfort, including moving my things up there and back down due to only 3 elevators and thousands of kids! I sympathize entirely!

  2. Oh wow that does sound like a pain!

  3. Uy I've worked in NYC buildings with only freight elevators to preserve the history of the structure --- big pain the butt lol


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