Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Special Force: The warrior who taught me he meaning of life and love

When I was initially approached with the opportunity to review My Special Force by Heather Means, I was hesitant. To be honest, I didn't want to deal with the harsh reality of a soldier's death, let along your own husband. I've actually been avoiding anything that has to deal with the death of a military loved one.

Although my husband isn't deployed to an area of current combat, I can't help but worry. The odds of him getting hurt aren't high, but the fact I haven't seen him in a long while still puts me on edge. I can admit to you that I'm a baby sometimes.

What really resonated with me is that Heather's husband wasn't injured or attacked by insurgents and suffered from a battle wound, he was affected by something unrelated and something you can't really plan on dealing with as a military spouse.

As I read about Heather's determination and resilience despite all the difficult challenges, I had to read on. I felt like it was important for me, especially, as a new military spouse to understand. At the beginning, their relationship mirrored countless other military relationships, including my own. My husband and I spent a majority of our courtship traveling visiting each other and keeping in touch with phone calls etc. I was inspired by their love and devotion to each other through their written words. I enjoyed reading the dialogue between Heather and her husband, Ryan with the letters that were shared in the book. It gave me the opportunity to take a sneak peek at their relationship.

When Ryan began to struggle with his illness, my reading slowed down a bit. I can't even describe how I felt getting through the pages, but I really commend Heather for her spirit and strength. Ryan was also amazing because he remained a devoted and loving husband, while battling through a grueling disease.

This book definitely shows the power of love and the importance of remembering the legacy of a loved one. Not only will Ryan's family have something to read that carries his story, but countless other families will have the opportunity to learn from him too.

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  1. Oh wow this sounds like something I would be interested in reading.

  2. Major points for reading this right now! I like to think of myself as strong lady, even stronger these days, but that would just not work well with keeping my mind in the right place.. phew! maybe in a few years!

  3. I've been reading this book also! I also loved it because of the similarities between our relationships. It's so sad and scary to think about though.

  4. This sounds like a really good book. I'll have to add it to my wish list. Thanks for sharing!


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