Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's BAAAAACK! Madison Square Park Eats - Fall Edition

The first time I talked about Madison Square Park Eats was earlier this year HERE.

I'm so happy to report that on September 27, Madison Square Park Eats opened up again for their Fall installment! I discovered the deliciousness of Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue in the Spring Madison Square Park Eats and at that time also realized that they don't have a store front yet - and actually didn't have any solid plans for a restaurant! I was very sad that I wouldn't be able to enjoy tasty Korean tacos after it ended, but they did say that they were bringing it back for the Fall session! 

So, when this season's eats came around, I immediately jumped at the chance to have
Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue's bulgogi tacos!YUM!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will open a restaurant soon, especially before I leave NYC!

The front of the booth.
The view as I waited in line.
I had to wait in a LONG line.
Prepping my delicious lunch.
The final product, which was worth the wait!

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  1. Uh yum! I'm so going to have to come in and try that!

  2. Based on that line, my guess is they are amazing! I love bulgogi. We try to make it at home. There are some pretty good recipes online. Just FYI, in case you ever get a craving at your next duty station :)

    1. I haven't thought to make bulgogi myself! I'm going to have to search for some recipes asap! Do you have any that you love?

  3. This looks so good! Great pictures :)


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