Tuesday, October 15, 2013

National Military Spouse Network's Career Summit

The National Military Spouse Network will hold their third annual Military Spouse Career Summit and first annual Military Spouse Small Works Exhibition this weekend - and I'll be attending!

I'm always searching for different networking groups and ways to connect with other military spouses. With the upcoming move to Fort Belvoir, I realized that I need to be strategic and figure out what would be my best for my career. I started by searching for organizations that help military spouses with careers. And that's when I found National Military Spouse Network.

Their mission: "We are the National Military Spouse Network (NMSN) - the pre-eminent networking, mentoring and professional development organization committed to the education, empowerment and advancement of military spouses."

The feel like the best way for me to really understand what's ahead is to meet, listen and start a conversation with other military spouses in similar situations. When I saw that NMSN's annual networking and empowering summit is taking place in October in Alexandria, Virginia, I jumped at the chance!

This couldn't have come at a better time! First, Virginia is really not that far away. Second, Alexandria is the nearest town to Fort Belvoir!

I talked to the soldier and told him my thoughts on the event, especially all the benefits. The event is going to be taking place in the area we're moving to in a handful of months. It would help me get mentally prepared for my career shift. Also, I could start scoping out the possible living situations! Overall, good stuff!

A couple weeks ago, I ordered networking cards - and they came in the mail today! I leave after work on Friday and will be driving in. Very much looking forward to sharing with everybody my experience! Woohoo!

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