Monday, February 24, 2014

An Important Tip from My Parents

I was very excited to learn that the parenting advice I shared with Military Spouse Magazine's Janine Boldrin made it in the February issue!

It's not a secret that I truly admire my parent's relationship. How could you not be impressed after 31 years of marriage? Even with all the ups and downs, my parents have given me a great example of a successful marriage. Now that I'm married - and ironically enough, married to a military member - my parents also became the quintessential example of a successful military marriage for me. They did start their marriage while my dad was in the Air Force.

After learning of our inclusion in the magazine, I immediately started searching Fort Belvoir for print issues! I actually subscribe to Military Spouse Magazine, but because of the move, I never got the issue! Anyway, I was able to find the magazine at the commissary! It's good to know that they stock issues....

I grabbed a couple issues - that way I can send my parents a copy and keep one for myself. My parents were ecstatic to see themselves in the issue!

How many spouses out there were brats too? :)

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life in Virginia

In the midst of everything crazy going on in my life, I got sick. I had every intention to schedule and share all the exciting madness that happened to me in the last month, but my body had other plans.

I'm finally feeling energized and have the extra time to jot down some of my current thoughts - not to mention, I'm snowed in with my husband right now here in Virginia, so we can't really go anywhere.

First thing's first, I'm SO over the cold. The weather here is the reason why I've been feeling so terrible. I miss the 80 degree Caribbean weather. It was even unseasonably cold when I was down in Texas.

Second, it's SO weird living with my husband now. As I type, he's sitting out in the living room watching WEIRD! So far so good, it's been mostly fun and work. We were so ambitious that we bought all - with the exception of a few pieces - of our furniture from IKEA. It literally took several days for us to get everything put together. We've also decided that we're never buying IKEA furniture ever again (I'm being slightly dramatic).

There is still so much to do in our new home. I would love to share with you how it will look, but right now, it's still a little disheveled. :)

Here's another teaser from my wedding!

Special thanks to Frank for taking this photo!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back in Action!

My mother and I before the ceremony taken by my bridesmaid, Tara!

I've pretty much had the most amazing three weeks! I'm so sorry I've been MIA as much has I've been, but during the last three weeks, I've been all over the place! And when I say all over the place, I mean it!

First, I moved from NYC to Virginia. Then, I flew from Virginia to Texas to finish up wedding details and had the wedding! Right after that, we flew from Texas to Puerto Rico to go on an eight-day cruise around the Caribbean. We visited five different islands and explored as much as we can...needless to say, I've had a whirlwind January!

Now that the dust is finally settling and we're in Virginia again, I'm getting my barrings together. I'm setting up a brand-new home with my husband and a home office for me. All our boxes are unpacked pretty much, but a lot of things need a place. So, we're really living in a mess as of now!

Anyway, I'm very excited to share all the happenings of the last month!

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