About The Mrs.

My name is Rachel and I've been an Army spouse since the 22th of December 2012.

Before my involvement with the Army, I spent my childhood being an Air Force brat.  Thanks to my dad, I was born in Shaw AFB, South Carolina and was lucky enough to live all over - from the Philippines to Utah.  My family finally settled in Texas and that's where I call home.  Throughout my younger years, I spent a lot of time writing in journals (and actually still do).  That's when my passion for writing started.  As a teenager, I was determined to pursue a career in communications.  After researching many options for higher education, I decided to further my studies in the media capital of the US, New York City.  I made my dream a reality in 2004 and attended Pace University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies.  During my tenure at Pace, I made sure I kept myself busy with internships.  I explored magazine journalism and then public relations.  I focused my career path to public relations because it mixed all of my passions together: writing, interacting with the media, working with different clients and learning about all kinds of new things I would never experience otherwise!

I met my soldier while he was stationed upstate New York.  After seeing him for the first time, I knew I found something special.  We began dating long distance, but it never seemed to be a problem because I would get the opportunity to spend every other weekend with him.  As our relationship grew, we fell in love with everything about each other.  He became a huge part of my life.  When we were just getting used to our routine visits, the Army had other plans for us.  My soldier received orders to spend a year tour in Korea.  We got engaged months after and had a small courthouse wedding in my hometown. When he returned, we had an AMAZING church wedding and celebration before our next duty station.

My journey is definitely a unique one!  I'm a very career-oriented gal married to an Army soldier.  Now that I've experienced such a dynamic change, I'm hoping to share my thoughts with the community.  I'm learning that the military spouse community is unique too!  And that it's filled with such amazing women and men of all kinds.  My goal is to learn a lot from my peers and to be able to reach as many people to one day be a resource and gain understanding for others that are also learning the ropes.

I left my job as a public relations coordinator for a boutique firm in NYC and have started a new and exciting career journey working from home. Currently, I'm a communications manager enthusiastically nurturing my skills. I'm also a staff writer for an amazing online magazine for military spouses called NextGen MilSpouse and contribute my thoughts and experiences with the awesome blog, Loving A Soldier for Army Wife Network. Hope you get a chance to check out my writing!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email at: rachel@theprofessionalarmywife.com. I look forward to connecting -- and thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you around!



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