Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Drum Roll Please...

By this weekend, I'll officially be a Virginia resident. More importantly, my husband will be back from his yearlong Korea tour. It's FINALLY here.

I can't help but feel bittersweet. I'm leaving NYC the place that really shaped me into who I am today. I've met some incredible lifelong friends and experienced a lot of new things here. I'm sad to be leaving my home for the last ten years, but I'm excited to begin a new chapter in my life.

When I think about where my husband got assigned, I consider myself lucky (although, I was secretly hoping that we would have been placed somewhere in Texas...) because Fort Belvoir is really not that far from NYC. If I have an itch for NYC, it won't be hard to visit. My friends would also have a reason to travel down to the DC-area.

My career is also being completely rerouted - not in a bad way. I'm going to be transitioning out of working in an office/firm environment to a home office. Because of the military lifestyle, I've set my focus to work freelance and/or remotely. The beauty of my career, it really be done anywhere. I love PR and I plan to continue developing my work skills - where ever the military takes me. Plus, I do have some awesome writing gigs that I truly enjoy (as well as this blog!).

Here I go folks! I'm going to embark on my first PCS journey soon!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Phew, what a whirlwind couple of weeks!

Hope everyone had a very loving and exciting holiday! I know I had a blast! So much, in fact, I got sick a day before New Year's. The past couple of days I've been nursing a very congested and miserable nose.

I've been pretty off the grid for Christmas and New Years because I was at my parents house. I didn't bring my computer, so I could dedicate my time being with family and friends. Also, I had to get some wedding stuff done. It's getting down to the wire folks!!

A WEEK from today, I'll be on my way to Fort Belvoir, Virginia. And I haven't started all. I'm a little afraid, but I've been feeling so yucky. I'm resting as much as I can and plan to get started this weekend.

I missed Texas a whole lot, but I don't miss the allergies! Cedar Fever is at its all time high. At home, I was also able to binge eat Filipino food. It's the best ever! Filipinos eating habits are great. We eat rice for breakfast and our desserts have coconut milk and shredded cheese...yum!

It's funny to think that in just two more weeks, I'll be flying back to Texas for our second wedding. Yay!

Two of the three photos are from my Instagram (@lilraerae86). If you have an account, let me know, I'd love to follow, if I don't already! :)

Breakfast - Fried Rice!

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