Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cruisin' the Caribbean - St. Croix

Woohoo! I've finally reached the last destination of my unforgettable cruise. St. Croix was my absolute favorite place - and I think it was primarily because we did absolutely nothing.

My husband and I decided to just roam the island and head for a beach. We didn't organize anything with an outside organization or the cruise ship. When we got the island map from the tourism people, we just started walking the line of the island till we reached a spot that was secluded and quiet. 

We spent hours (lots of hours) floating in the ocean. I brought out my waterproof camera again and managed to capture pictures of a school of fish that kept swimming around us. It was an amazing day and it made me extremely sad to know that our honeymoon was over - and back to reality the next day.

I've officially been living with my husband for almost three months now. He finally just finished in-processing and I'm still getting used to life in Virginia. Now that our home actually looks like a put together house, I can really get down and dirty to share all my happenings. So far so good. I've been embracing military life and look forward to utilizing all the resources that are available in the DC-metro area.

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