Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cruisin' the Caribbean - Barbados

Our next port of call was the island of Barbados. We decided to do a mellow beach day and took a bus to a nearby beach that included a complimentary rum cocktail (yes, please!).

It was a day filled with much needed relaxation! I can't honestly tell you what else we did on Barbados besides eat food....

We were SO excited to try out our brand-new waterproof camera. My husband gave it to me for Christmas in hopes to use it for our cruise - he even got a little floatie for it! At first, it was very weird to take a digital camera in the ocean. I was nervous that it wouldn't really work...but it sure did!

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  1. We really really want to get a waterproof camera for when we cruise. What do you have?? The photo in the water turned out really nice!!
    I told John that we couldn't do anymore of those complimentary drink places, because we always go wayyyy over board. LOL

  2. Wow what a beautiful beach!

  3. Underwater cameras are such a great thing to take on vacation! I took one to Hawaii and got some awesome pictures when swimming out in the ocean. Super jealous about your trip, looks like you're having a blast!

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