Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bring it on 5K!

Yesterday, I just went all out and ran 5K to see if I can hold out for the Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium this Sunday. I've been VERY bad about running lately and it didn't help that my dad was in town. I didn't run at all during his visit - and he was in town for 8 days!

I got really nervous, so last night, I got dressed and told myself...I'll run it!

Well, it wasn't my best, but I did manage to finish! There was a point at the end that I had to take a break and walk. I was SO close to running straight through. All in all, I didn't do so bad! I ran 5K in almost 35 minutes (with a walking break). My mile pace was 10 minutes and 49 seconds.

I'm incredibly proud of myself for having the stamina I have to run at 27 years old. I say that because just ten years ago, I couldn't even run through a mile! I'm the healthiest I've been my whole life - at least, as long as I can remember. Even in grade school, I hated running. As a child, I had asthma - very bad asthma, so it was very difficult for me to breath while running. I'm so glad that it practically went away (which is a little bizarre, but I'm not going to complain!).

Just shortly before my last organized run, I started using the Nike+ APP for the iPhone. I think I'm in love. It utilizes your playlists and tracks your distance. It also cheers you on and updates you on your status. Very awesome! When I ran yesterday, I used it and I achieved my longest distance with it so far (I've only used it a handful of times)! You can also go online and check your achievements and analyze your runs.

I think I'll run a couple more shorter runs before the 5K on Sunday. I feel prepared now!!

You can see where I had to "take a break" :)
What do you use to keep you in pace?

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  1. Yahoo and congratulations! My man keeps saying we're going to train for a marathon, but I've never even actually run a 5K! That's my planned first step, no matter what he plans to do!

  2. That's awesome! Maybe I need the app, I've always hated running, but I keep saying that I want to start doing it..

  3. You are going to do amazing!!! :)

  4. Way to go! I have wanted to do a 5k for a long time, but I, like you, was never a wonderful runner growing up. I had exercise induced asthma, which was supposed to go away also, but still comes back to haunt me every now and again. Perhaps that was the deal with yours as well!? I'm hoping to start running soon, and getting into a 5k mode, even if I run ridiculously slow!

  5. I use Map My Run. I haven't ran a straight 5K yet, I'm currently in the middle/beginning of C25K. I took a couple weeks off because we had a ton of family in town AND it was up in the high 90s. I'd rather take a break and not die than run in near 100 degree temperatures. But good job! I'm hoping to do a color run in December, so that's when I need to be able to do by 5k straight through. Keep it up!


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