Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Baseball-Filled Week with My Dad

Phew! I was so busy last week with my dad in town! Everyday, I would wake-up at my normal time for a full day at work (while my dad slept in) and would meet-up with him afterwards. When we would meet-up, we always had plans! Two nights of the week, we went to baseball games!

I think I've mentioned it before, but my family roots for the Yankees (my dad was born and raised in New York!!).  That doesn't go without saying that we're fans of New York teams in general. Anyway, where am I going with this? My dad still wanted to go see the Mets play in Citi Field. Both the Mets and the Yankees built new stadiums that opened in the 2009 season, but my dad has yet to watch a game at Citi Field.

We impromptu went to a game last Wednesday intending to buy tickets when we arrived at the stadium. My dad asked if they offered military discounts and they do, only to active service members (my dad is a retired veteran, so he didn't count). Then, I mentioned that my husband is active, but he's not with us.... The ticket booth agent got up to speak to someone. Unfortunately, the active service member has to be there to receive the free ticket. We then told him that we were still interested to buy the cheapest seats possible - and after that, he just printed us two tickets and said to walk away. I was in shock for a moment. My dad and I just received two free tickets that night from a very generous ticket booth agent. I can't thank the man enough...so, who ever you are Mets ticket booth agent, THANK YOU! My dad and I had a great time!

On our way to get our tickets!
The view from our seats.
I purchased the Yankee tickets ahead of time as an early birthday present for my dad. I made sure we had the best seats that I was capable to afford, which was field level in right field. The whole day last Friday was yucky. I was really worried that it would continue and the game would be cancelled! Lucky for us, the rain held out. They still had a delayed start and because of that, my dad and I were able to check out Monument Park! It's a really cool area of Yankee Stadium that recognizes influential people that have contributed to the baseball organization.

Anyway, now that my dad is gone, I miss him! I wish my mom was able to come, but soon enough, I'll be flying to Texas for the Labor Day weekend. I CANNOT WAIT!

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  1. SO COOL! My husband is a HUGE Yankee fan!! I'd like to go check out the new stadium with him sometime. Your shirt is adorable! And I LOVE that you got the free tickets! Super cool on that guy's part!

  2. I'm a Yankees fan myself, but I must say, I really do like going to Citi field! They rebuilt it quite nice. And, I'm sorry to say this, but it's way more economical to see a game there on any given night, and the staff is far nicer! Glad you found one of the nice staffers :)!

  3. This looks like so much fun!!!! :)


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