Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Awesome Opportunity for Military Families to Win Big for Their Babies!

To all the military mommies and daddies out there with young kiddos, check out the flyer below! It's an awesome giveaway and getaway opportunity from Plush Little Baby, exclusively for military families!! Do you know of a deserving family? Then, enter them for a chance to win big! I couldn't help but share this amazing opportunity to y'all after reading about it. My husband and I don't have little ones yet, but I can only imagine how much it would be to budget in a new family addition. Be sure you note the deadline, you only have 10 days to enter!

Check out more details here: http://www.plushlittlebaby.com/plbs-ultimate-military-family-giveaway-getaway/

PS: How many of you enter contests/giveaways? I'm just curious because, if so, I'd love to share more military specific ones with you! Of course, only if it makes sense. :) Thanks everyone!

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