Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedding Planning Weekend!

Not only is it six months till my soldier comes home, it's about six months till we have our church wedding!  I have been a bad bride - because I haven't spent a lot of time planning.  I've been pinning on pinterest...not exactly productive though....

This past weekend, I've decided that I will now buckle down and start getting all the details together.  I have the church and the venue.  I also have the photography part reserved.  I have been executing on the "beer bottle wrapped with lace" idea for the centerpieces in the last couple of weeks.  A couple weeks ago, I bought a couple of yards of lace with a friend.  I've also bought a couple of six packs...haha.

Here is what I pinned initially on pinterest.

It doesn't have the lace wrap, but that's the general idea of the centerpiece.  Here are pictures of my creations so far!

I just measured the circumference of the bottles and cut the lace accordingly.  I used tacky glue to hold it in place and it worked perfectly!  I just needed a couple dabs at the ends.  it dries clear and has a good secure hold!

I was thinking of having four bottles on each table, which means I need about 50 empty bottles.  Right now, I've created 8...so it seems like I'm on track!  I will have round tables and I wanted to put the bottles in a small crate with moss inside.  I'm going to make the crates and then buy the moss from a wholesaler (it would only be about 20 bucks or so!).

Imagine the beer bottles inside the crate with just a handful of moss placed in between the bottles.  I'm pretty excited to get all of this done!

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  1. Eeek! Seeing stuff like this made me wish that we had a big wedding.

    1. It's never too late - and it doesn't necessarily need to be "big" ;)

  2. Super cute! Happy drinking/crafting! :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! I'm looking forward to sharing the final product...hope it looks ok!

  3. I can't wait to see the finished product. :) Good luck with planning!


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