Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Wedding Salon

Last week, my friend Carmen and I was invited to a wedding showcase in Manhattan.  I tend to jump at the chance to attend showcases that are complementary.  They are fun and it's a chance to get ideas.  There might be something I haven't thought of before.  It's tough to be planning a wedding from out of state - not completely impossible, but I'm really unable to meet with vendors, etc.

Most of the people at this showcase arranged by the "Wedding Salon," are local to NYC.  It doesn't stop me from taking advantage of their representatives and to take in all the awesome decorations!

Unfortunately, they didn't really have any "rustic" ideas.  Everything was mostly modern and sleek.  That didn't stop Carmen and I for sampling the photobooth vendors!
Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

NYC Photobooth
Photo booths are so much fun!  I've been borderline with including a photo booth for my wedding....hmm....

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  1. Sounds like a fun girls outing! A great way to get ideas.

  2. I saw the idea to use a photo booth with a chalkboard and have people write a piece of advice for the newlyweds down, then you have the advice and a pic of the people it was from!

    1. That is a fabulous idea! I'll have to put it down on my list!


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