Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guest Post: Is alcohol use an area of concern in your marriage?

Hi everyone: I received an interesting request from a graduate student from Clark University about the relationship between alcohol use and marriage.  I thought it would be worth passing along.  Please see her post below.

My name is CJ Fleming and I am a graduate student studying the relationship between marriage and help seeking for alcohol-related issues. Recent studies have shown that rates of problematic alcohol use are increasing rapidly in returning veterans, but that less than .5% of veterans who identify as having problems with alcohol actually get any help for these issues. Broadly, I am interested in better understanding the role of a spouse in a person’s decision to seek help - how do a spouse’s own drinking behaviors and attitudes towards drinking affect a drinker’s decision to make changes? Better understanding the role of the family in decisions to seek help can help us make connections between available services and the people who need them.

If alcohol use is an issue in your marriage, please click below to participate in a research survey. The survey is anonymous and entirely online. The survey has a section for both spouses, but it is also ok for only the heavier drinker (assuming one of you drinks more than the other) to take the survey. Those who complete the survey will be entered to win a raffle.

CJ Fleming, M.A. is a graduate student at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. Her research focuses on couples issues and help-seeking for both individual and couples' concerns.

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