Thursday, July 11, 2013

I gained three pounds in the last month!

To be honest, I really just gained the weight during my soldier's leave time, which says a lot!  During the 16 days of his vacation, I spent nearly that amount of time on vacation myself.  Before he came back stateside, I told him that we should keep active.  I was even saying that we should run together when I'm off work.

Well, the opposite happened.  It seems like we spent the majority of our vacation time eating.  And when I mean eating....I mean we ate and also drank.  Granted, we did do a lot of outdoor activities: spend a lot of time at the beach, kayaked around in the ocean, snorkeled in the ocean too and practically walked everywhere we went because I don't have a car.  Still, I managed to pack it on.

I don't regret any of the food I ate during our time together.  We actually splurged on a couple of meals because dressing up for dinner is fun.  My soldier also bought a suit in Korea and needed a reason to wear it! 

My soldier and I dressed up!
I'm back at the gym now doing my cardio and portioning my meals.  Don't get me wrong, I will not deny some cake or ice cream.  I just want to be healthy overall and dessert can be included!

Just no more to gorging on all sorts of food!  :)

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  1. You both look great!! :) It's so fun to get dressed up.

  2. Love!!! So glad you got to be together :D


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