Friday, June 7, 2013

Welcome June, now please hurry!

I've NEVER been so excited for the month of June!

In just a couple of weeks, I'll be on vacation with the soldier! [Insert happy dance here.]

When he comes back, it will almost be six months without seeing him.  It's the longest...ever...I've gone without being with the hubs.  Before this, the longest we've gone was almost two months - and that was before we were married.

Now, I have lots to do before he comes home for two weeks.  Hopefully all the errands I have to run and loose ends I have to tie will make the next handful of weeks fly by!!!

[Happy dance continued....]


To be honest, I'm very proud for getting this far without being institutionalized.  There were a few moments that were questionable, but besides that, I've done well.  Once we go over the hump, I'm sure I'll feel LOADS better!!

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  1. Yay for vacation coming soon!!!! :)

  2. Yahooooo!!!! My sailor should be home really soon. Hopefully. He was going to be home last month, but that didn't work out...anyway, he should actually be home in June and I know just how you feel! I hope everything goes fantastically.

    PS - I'm stopping by kind of belatedly from the Mil Spouse blog hop.


    1. Thanks Natashalh!! Hope you have fun with your sailor when he makes it home!!


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