Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time is moving SO SLOW!

I think it's because I have something big coming up, but all of a sudden time is just moving by too slow for my liking.  Besides work, I'm trying to keep my mind distracted with wedding planning and hanging out with friends.

This past Friday, I was able to have dinner with a handful of my favorites and then Saturday morning, I hopped on a bus to see Mel in Pennsylvania.  I haven't seen her almost the same amount of time I've seen my soldier!!  (Ok, I'm exaggerating...I haven't seen the soldier much

It was really nice to hang out with her and to meet her main squeeze.  Right now, I'm just lucky enough to live close enough to hop on a bus to visit.  She has an adorable big giant of a dog named Cairo.  He's like a strong energizer bunny!  I tried to get him to sit still, so he can take a photo with me! you can see, it was a challenge to get him to sit still - that's why the picture is blurry!  I was trying to catch one while he was sitting nicely, but then he started moving again...haha!

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  1. Ugh I know that feeling! I hope time starts speeding up a little!

  2. hi! I nominated you at Liebsters Blog Awards


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