Friday, April 19, 2013


My husband is from Boston.  He was born and raised in and around the city.  I have lots of fond memories of visiting the city with him.

The first time I visited him there was the Fourth of July in 2011.  We've already spent a couple of months dating and with the long holiday weekend, my soldier wanted to see his family and it was easy enough for me to come by too.  He drove down to Boston from Fort Drum and I took a bus from NYC to Boston.

It was a nice trip because it was my first chance to really see the Boston.  I went once before in college, just for a night.  This time around, I was with an amazing tour guide that was very passionate about his city!

One of the first pictures taken of my soldier and I at the Irish Memorial!
We were able to do part of the Freedom Trail

Taking a walk in my husband's hometown of Newton!
My husband with Bruin!

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