Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why I Work From Home

A couple months before my huge life change to legit Army spouse, I was really forced to evaluate my career moves. To speak candidly, it was really a devastating blow to lose the job I held in New York City. Despite the slight depression that set in when my former employer told me they wanted someone in-house, I knew there was more out there for me.

I've been writing career-related topics for NextGen MilSpouse because it is just too close to home. The transition from full-time civilian professional in New York City to collecting freelance/contract work as an Army spouse at Fort Belvoir has been a challenge. I could have just went from one job there to another job here in the D.C. area, but the unpredictability of Army life just convinced me that it might just be better to establish a home office.

For one, we were slated to go to Fort Hood. That was the plan -- then, just a handful of months before the PCS, we were moved to Fort Belvoir. I was already looking for opportunities in the Austin-area and had some game plans in mind. The fact that life can change at a moment's notice made me think of ways to make my career just as moldable as the military.

I LOVE to communicate. I enjoy sharing resources, life and everything in between. The career I chose allows me to do what I love -- and I wanted to continue doing what makes me happy.

So, I started to plan around the idea of setting up a home office. My husband and I looked for two bedroom homes/apartments with the intention of one room being an office (slash guest room). I continued my commitments to write for some awesome websites and now, I work for an amazing firm that allows me to share great resources to MilFams and personally connect with equally amazing women and MilSpouses.

My former employer knows that I'm freelancing and if any opportunities open up, the door is open. Having the ability to make my own schedule is amazing and quite liberating. There is a bit more work to maintain a home office. All expenses are on you and things can get costly. You really have to be willing to put some money down to get yourself ready. I went to an accountant, so they could help me understand what I'm getting myself into because math/$$ isn't my forte.

Read more about my story about working remotely on NextGen MilSpouse. 

I recently launched a professional website to help highlight some of my skills. I've been picking up on web design here and there (mostly on WordPress). I would love your input!

For all the MilSpouses out there that are thinking, I can't hold a career while being involved with the military. It IS possible! Just like the sacrifices our spouses made to the military, we have to sacrifice a bit on our options, but not entirely. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

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  1. Maintaining a career is certainly a challenge. We thought we were going to Fort Bliss, and I had applied to jobs in the El Paso area. Imagine my surprise when we find out he'd be deploying again. And considering how many jobs are in this area, I've had no success in finding a full-time one.

    1. It's a challenge for even civilians to find a job...and add MilSpouse to the times it's frustrating! A full-time job is hard and the reason I opted to doing a handful of part-time work.

  2. It is a challenge to find work as a military spouse but I think what you are doing is amazing!

  3. You go girl! I think working from home is one of the few ways military spouses can actually find a decent job, it's just hard to know how exactly to break into that sometimes. I know it was something I was thinking about doing (before babycakes came along) I just didn't know how to go about doing it. Maybe you could write a post outlining how to work from home?

  4. It's my dream to work in PR (hopefully from home). I thought I could manage with the kids at home, but I realize that it would be best to wait until the girls are at school. I'm half hoping that my blogging experience can help me get my foot in the door a few years down the road.
    Your site looks great!

  5. Working around the military life-style/changes is definitely a challenge. That is great that you have found something that can fit flexible into that!


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