Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I Miss About Austin, Texas

The weekend before last, I was back in Austin, Texas again. Although, it's been for an unfortunate circumstance, it's nice to see so much of my parents. Since I've moved away for college in 2004, I would only be back in the area twice a year-ish.

When I was in college from 2004 to 2008, I would spend an extended amount of time at home for summer and the holidays, but it quickly shifted to just a couple of weeks a year after I graduated.

Every time I would come home from then would be such a treat -- and my trip would always end before I did everything I wanted to do. My last two visits home were bittersweet. It was very sad to come home for my grandmother's death and really quite difficult to get through -- but it's really made my think about the things that I've missed the most since leaving Texas. Besides my family (which is by far the number one thing I miss the most), there are a TON of things about Austin specifically I miss....

1. TEX-MEX -- Seriously, the food is amazing. I have yet to find a killer enchilada outside the state border. I'm sure it's just as amazing south of the border, but it doesn't have the Texan flair. Chuy's, Texican Cafe, Maudie's Tex-Mex are among my favorite places to eat and all originated in AUSTIN. Luckily, Texan transplants are bringing the goodness of Tex-Mex to other parts of the country, so those restaurants just might be in your neck of the woods. I just found out they are opening a Chuy's in Fairfax this Fall
...best news EVER.

2. Barton Creek Greenbelt -- I think my love for hiking plus swimming started at the Greenbelt. It's a lush and green area deep in the middle of Austin that has amazing swimming holes. You can take your bike, pup, and friends.

3. The Heat -- Yes, I miss the 100 degree weather. I miss practically perfect weather all-year round. 70 degree winters, yes please. After battling through snow storm after snow storm in the Northeast, I think I've given it a good go.

4. BBQ -- The BBQ stands on its own. The food in general rocks in Texas. I love Rudy's, County Line -- and you can't forget the Salt Lick. DROOL....

5. Cost of Living -- I can't deny that I miss no-state-income-tax! Also, I'm sure I can get more out of $2K than a 500 sq-ft apartment. Let's face it, I would rather pay $.25 cents less a gallon than more.... I also think this is one major reason people are flocking to the great city.

6. Salsa on EVERYTHING -- Eggs, rice, beef, chicken, and whatever else you can think of...it's the choice condiment for Texans -- or hot sauce...ok, salsa and hot sauce.

7. The sheer amount of relatively affordable things to do. Get your dinner and movie on at the Alamo Drafthouse...get your run on at Lake Austin...get your mini golf on at Peter Pan Putt Putt...live music, it's everywhere. There is always something to do!

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  1. I've never been to Austin but I have always wanted to go! I am with you on the cost of living thing here on the east cost. We could get so much more for our money back home in Colorado than we could here. I swear the cost of everything is doubled, if not tripled, here.

  2. I have heard amazing things about Austin and would love to visit.

  3. I've never been to Austin, either. I would love to visit. And now I really want barbecue.

  4. Austin misses you! <3

  5. Love Austin, and LOVE that last picture of you guys. I'm from a suburb of Dallas and we just moved to New England. Big adjustment :) I just found your blog and was excited to discover it!

  6. Looks like a great place. I want to go purely because of the food!


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