Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Make Invitations Using PicMonkey!

To save money on my wedding, I'm practically doing everything myself as well as utilizing online deals, etc. Today, I finally reserved a local restaurant for our rehearsal dinner!

In the interest of time (and money of course), I've decided to create the rehearsal invites myself too! If you haven't heard of this awesome photo editor site called PicMonkey, you should  really check it out! I was able to put together an awesome invite for FREE and use my printer at home.

This also comes at a nice time because instead of invites, you can create very cute Holiday cards to print at home or a printing house! Created with love by you!

First, go to and "Edit a Photo."

Next, pick a photo that fits your vision. I used an image that a bridesmaid took of us during our civil ceremony. It had some extra space at the bottom right for text. Also, decide what size you would like to print your invites. I picked 4X6 because I could fit two to a page when I printed it at home. I used the crop feature.
Once I got the image cropped the way I like it, I used the overlay feature (butterfly on the left tool bar) and picked the shape that I liked best.
I filled in the geometric shape to fit the space where I wanted the text to be. After that, I changed the color to be a light shade and also moved the fade up a bit.
Then, I added text. I put down all the information that I wanted to share with the guests. The date, location and time, etc. I'm able to control the font and size.
When I was done, I clicked the save button at the top of the image. I saved it as best quality called "Sean" so when I print it, it will be as clear as possible.
After saving the file, you can print it how ever which way you like! You can take it in to a printer and get it copied or you can do what I did, buy some cardstock paper and use your home printer!

I printed two invites on one cardstock paper, so I needed to cut around the edges. I went to Staples and got a portable straight edge paper cutter for $12 bucks and I could only get a 250 ream of paper for $15 bucks.

Technically speaking, I spent $27 dollars to complete this project, but as a result, I now have a straight edge paper cutter and a whole ton of cardstock paper for upcoming projects!! Don't forget to allocate ink expenses. I had enough in my printer so I didn't have to buy.

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