Thursday, December 5, 2013

Catching Up From Thanksgiving

I'm back after my brief hiatus! A whole lot of stuff went down in the past week! I haven't had any time to digest it all till now!

I left to go home to Texas for Thanksgiving last Wednesday - and practically spent all the time offline. I caught up with my family and did as much wedding preparations as I could do in one long weekend, holiday aside. The most exciting part of the weekend (besides Thanksgiving) was my second dress fitting. I felt amazing with it on and can't wait to walk down the aisle with my dad. It's going to be such a surreal moment to go through everything again!

When I got back to work on Monday, I has SO much catching up to do from the weekend! We're knee deep on (what it seems like) a thousand different campaigns and projects, so I've been burning the midnight oil. It hasn't given me much time to do much else!

Not only that, but WE GOT ORDERS this week! It's official, official that we're going to Fort Belvoir! I've been trying to spend any free time I have to get started on the PCS process from my end. As soon as my husband got his orders, he went down to travel and booked his ticket! I'm OVERLY excited and it's unbelievable that I now have an exact date and time to wait for his arrival!

I've started the countdown y'all! Down to the minute (well, barring any flight delays). I'll be at the airport with bells on!

Needless to say, I've put holiday shopping/everything else holiday-related on hold. Tomorrow is the deadline to send holiday cards to the Red Cross for their "Holiday Mail for Heroes" program! I did manage to get a box of cards at home and for hours after work today, spent time writing in ten different cards. I'm going to put them in the mail tomorrow morning to make sure they get timestamped in time!  I'm all about sharing the holiday spirit, especially to those that are away from home and family during this time.

So, I have to:
  1. Finish all my Christmas shopping and go home for the holidays
  2. Plan and pack for my first official PCS
  3. Pick-up my husband at the airport after a yearlong tour!
  4. Move to Fort Belvoir
  5. Fly to Texas to have our church ceremony with family and friends
  6. Go on our much needed cruise honeymoon to the Caribbean!
  7. Put together my first home with my husband
  8. Get my career back on track!
All this is going to happen in the next month! AHH!

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  1. You are a busy lady but yay for officially getting orders! It makes it so official when you have those papers in your hand. :)

  2. I love your list! So many fun things ahead for you to do! I can't wait to hear about the cruise!

    1. BTW! Did you know that you're a "no-reply blogger"? I just went to respond to you comment via email, but I can't. (:

    2. AHH! I thought I changed it...ok, I think I fixed it...hopefully it will work in the future! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Good luck getting everything done! I'm only going to be about 20 minutes away from you in Virginia.

    1. How awesome! I might just pick your brain about VA soon, especially when I'll be so close to you!! :)

  4. AHH! YAY!! Soo soo soon! I'm sad that you're moving out of my neck of the woods, but perhaps we'll be heading down your way soon too! :) Let the countdown begin!


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