Thursday, June 12, 2014

Biking Adventures: South Run Park & Burke Lake

My husband and I have been biking fools! The past two weekends we've biking both Saturday and Sunday. Another exciting development, we signed up for a gym membership! I've been feeling a little blubbery the last couple of months because I haven't been doing the same amount of exercise I would do before I got married. Same for my husband...we've been so used to just lounging around. A gym/exercise routine hasn't been on top of mind. That had to stop! We decided to ramp-up our biking efforts. For us, it's the easiest way to exercise.

We're really enjoying the cardio on the weekends! We discovered a great biking route that's just a handful of miles away. We would start at South Run Park and turn down to bike to Burke Lake. Then, we would bike around the lake, which is more than 5 miles. It's a great bike ride!

I'm so happy to be discovering so many activities for us to do together. The town we live in also has lots of great parks and trails that border the Potomac. We pretty much have exciting plans every weekend till my husband has to leave for TDY. It's official because his travel arrangements were made yesterday. I'm a little bummed that he has to leave again, especially when I'm just getting used to him being around! Two months is definitely better than a to think of the positive!

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