Monday, November 18, 2013

Waiting for orders!


My husband is supposed to PCS out of Korea in less than two months and we have yet to receive paper orders. Although it's pretty much guaranteed that we'll get Fort Belvoir, we can't really start booking things till we get them. When I went to the National Military Spouse Network summit, I checked out some apartment complexes and we're pretty sure where we want to live. The DC metro area has a program set in place with apartment complexes that is called the "Rental Partnership Program" (RPP for short). It uses allotments out of military pay to in order for a reduced rate. After learning about that, I thought it would be perfect to use for my husband and I to save money for the long run!

Good news for the Tringali household too. My husband just passed the board a couple of weeks ago - and if all things go well, he'll get promoted December 1st! I'm very proud and thrilled for him! He's worked very hard in Korea and I'm so happy to see all his hard work paying off! Secretly, I'm personally excited because that means an increase for our BAH and dislocation allowance. (You know y'all think about that too!).

We want to buy a house eventually and all the money we can save up the better!

No joke this time, I really need to start a checklist for all the different things going on from planning the wedding, putting together the move, then enjoy our cruise vacation!

Also, I've been seeing some of my favorite blogger participating in blates! I'm hoping to get one going for the DC metro area! How do you get started?!

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  1. Hopefully you will get paper orders soon...I've know people to get orders a few days before they are supposed to PCS. It's nuts.

  2. Ah! So soon!! :) Here's hoping for quickie orders! (if that's even possible!)

  3. Whoooooot!!!! I'm actually going to be moving to Nova while Mac is deployed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And the BAH at Belvoir is ridiculous.

  4. Waiting for orders is the worst!! We were sure that we were going to Lewis and I (stupidly) started looking at houses, and getting excited. I was a little (understatement) crushed when we got Carson.


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